Dancing on the top deck of a yacht streaming along the Intercoastal Waterway near Palm Beach is one of the best ways to bring a group of colleagues together.

Seventies disco is the best dance medium for strangers; "I Will Survive" and "Vogue" the best cuts from that era. And as cheesy as line dancing can be, doing the Cha Cha Slide with a crowd of laughing people is one of the best ways to feel a part of a group.

I love to dance. I'm somewhat shy and self-conscious in large groups, not really a cocktail-conversation kind of person. But when you dance, especially in a big group where no one has a partner, you get to join in, do your own style of dance, find that spot in space to focus on, and enjoy.

For a moment, you forget yourself and just join in. People smile, clap, shimmy, sway.

What a great party. It was like being at a really good bar mitzvah, where everyone, from the tall gawky girls and short boys to the tiny little grandmother, get up together to dance.

Perhaps Condoleeza Rice should try to introduce dancing at the peace talks. Dance as the ideal equalizer, and the endorphin-effect couldn't hurt.


gumbee said…
I used to live for dancing. I'd go to clubs all the time when I was in college and just dance the night away. Now that I'm a few years older it seems I have gotten more self-conscious about dancing in front of people, so I really just don't dance anymore. I miss it, and I wish I wouldn't let my self-esteem get in the way of having fun.
JANET said…
You gotta do it! There's always that moment for me when I have to make myself remember how much fun I have once I'm up and dancing, and then I can get out there.