more than circular

I'm trying to set aside a decent block of time to work on More than Circular today. I did manage to get myself to stay in one place for an hour this morning. Took out my iPod, set it to shuffle, sat on the porch, and knit lace.

As the shawl grows, each row takens infinitely longer to complete. I seem to hit a time warp around repeat six, when I'm convinced that the next stitch marker will be the blue one with the saftey pin attached, which signals the start of a new row. (I'm very low tech, and it's easier to find it at the bottom of my knitting bag each time it falls off).

I'm pleased with the way that the handdyed yarn turned out, and the shawl is beautiful. Plans are to do more with this.

Once I figure out how to download pictures from my wonderful new digital camera (a small, inexpensive version from BestBuy that works great - plenty of bells and whistles without a scray pricepoint), I can post some pictures of the Beauty that is Jeannine's shawl.