HTML huh?

The English major (that's me) is trying to install HTML codes for blogrolling and site meter info.

It's not a gender issue. It's how I think and don't think.

I have a very visual memory. I can recall phone numbers, am an ace speller (who knew it would become a trend?), was great at remembering dates for art history tests because I could "see" the notebook page in my mind.

However, code, logic, and math result in a large garage door lowering in my mind, separating the part that can think from the information it needs to review.

I'm pretty confident that I followed the directions on and But so far, no blogs are rolling and no meters are counting.

Just walk away from the computer today. The rain and storms cooled us off some, the air has a nice humid quality, and it's a good day to read Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire. Someday, when I can turn off the italics and install a sidebar feature about "What I'm Reading," you'll see this type of information there!