More yoga

More yoga, please. Less driving and working at the computer.

More sleep, too, please.


Marcia said…

How brave you are! Letting your thoughts out into the world like so many leaves falling from a tree! It was great fun to read the entire blog, although I confess to being somewhat embarassed being inside your head like a voyeur, an interloper to your thoughts. But I guess you don't mind since that is what blogging is all about. It was especially nice for me because we see each other so seldom and yet I felt like I just saw you yesterday over coffee. Add me to your list everytime you post so that we can keep up. So much easier that way. Love, Marcia
JANET said…
hey you, how are you? I'm not sufficiently blog savvy to do the email notification part yet, but I will add you once I get there. Hope you are well. And I completely understand the voyeuristic feeling. Blogs are an unusual genre. I'm very conscious that what I post is out there for the world to read, and that it never ever goes away. Christopher says that the test for a blog is whether you would be comfortable with whatever you write showing up at your Supreme Court nomination hearing in 10 years. I'm trying to find a middle ground between having my life be my subject, and not becoming too personal, but it is tricky.