A Tiny Turn on the Learning Curve

Spoken too soon.

The trick is to republish the entire blog, and then those pesky codes know its time to appear.

Next up, playing with fonts and typeface colors. And I want to install a picture behind my title.

Anyone else blogging on blogger.com? Send me a link and tell me if you've added anything snazzy and how!

The first person to help me get a picture of More than Circular behind the title gets chocolate. I promise.


I typed up this long explanation for you, but Blogger won't let me publish the codes as HTML spelled out, but rather it wants to make them into proper links. I tried putting quotes around them even. Yikes.
If you want to leave your email on my blog, I'll send you a Word document. I'll take your email off as soon as I get it so it won't be published for long.
Thanks for reading my blog. It really makes my day when you comment!
Shelly said…
You can look at my blogging blog on Blogger: Presto Speaks! http://prestoimp.blogspot.com. I have some posts explaining things, plus links to resources for blogs and blogging. Welcome to the Blogosphere! I found you via a link on your daughter's LiveJournal. :)
JANET said…
Oh, I'm thinking both Frances and Shelly deserve chocolate. Let me work on this one - but chocolate is guaranteed.