Movable Type and Typepad vs. Blogger

I'm considering moving my blog from Blogger to my own domain. Lots of reasons, including liking the look of blogs made from those systems, glitches in Blogger (though maybe that's true for all technical systems like this - I've learned the hard way that computers are more like washing machines than Perfect Machines), and frustration with trying to get some of what should be doable to work.

Can anyone point me to a source that compares the best blogging tool (e.g Blogger vs. Movable Type vs. Typepad)? Any other suggestions?


FairyGodKnitter said…
I hated Blogger when I first tried to blog and found Typepad to be much more reliable and user friendly. It's not perfect but I've learned a lot and could do more with it if I want to. I had considered buying my own domain which would be cheaper than paying Typepad but I have limited knowledge of html and I've grown used to Typepad's ins and outs. The book Blogging for Dummies reccomends Typepad for it's ease of use and the availability of help and support. I think you can import your Blogger content if you decide to switch and not have to leave behind your blogging history.