Help Needed on More than Circular Edging

Here's hoping that some lucky knitter will find this post and save me from a Thanksgiving day of not being able to cast off More than Circular.

My first time casting off a circular shawl. And I'm confused by the directions. How does one separate the pointed edge cast off on the right hand needle from the next set of bound off stitches which are waiting on the left hand needle?

Though there are 195,000 hits in Google for More than Circular shawl, no help has surfaced in the first three pages of links. Perhaps I can track down the designer, Jo Anne Besold, and solicit her assistance? Unless she's at KMart shopping today, in which case I feel pity for the amount of time she will be waiting in line while her cashier determines how to ring the special.

No, not so bitter. Just frustrated. I woke up wondering if I made the shawl way too huge and looking forward to turning some almost-done knitting projects into finished objects today. Lots of videos from the library and a day off. But I'm trying to, figuratively, sit on my hands so that all the work on this lovely shawl doesn't fall prey to my impatience.