Miriam Felton's Bush rant

I love that Miriam Felton, in her knitting blog, goes off into a complete rant about the President's drape comments in his welcoming of the first woman Speaker of the House.

Somehow, I missed the gaffe. And whether or not Bush was working from an earlier comment about the Democrats prematurely measuring drapes for their offices or not (you can follow this thread in the comments to Mim's post), it is amazing that a male politician in the 21st century would be so dense as to make decorating the premise for welcoming the person third in line to become president? In other comments to the post, several readers, including one retired teacher, speculate, no, they state, that it's been rumored for years that Bush has a learning disability. That, according to these folks, is why he is incapable of speaking off the cuff.

On the way to the stable last Sunday with my daughter, we heard a news piece about politicians who misspeak. A great cut of Howard Dean's scream, including the yelp mixed into house dance music; Dan Quayle mangling the mind is a terrible thing to waste speech; and Bush, completely flummoxed as he scrambled to finish the second half of a saying. Kind of scary.

Nice to see the knitting community debating the point. Smart people, knitters.


Miriam said…
haha! The retired teacher is actually my Mom! Staunch Bush supporter that she is, I've heard her apologize for everything he's done and give me bullshit excuses like "he's a cowboy! they're down to earth like that!"

JANET said…
really. even today at the dedication of the Martin Luther King memorial in Washington, so outshined by the other speakers. I miss having a great orator as president.