More Things to Recommend doing in Boston

Darjeeling tea with milk and honey after lots of walking.

Meeting your daughter's friends.

Having a free computer to play with at the bed and breakfast.

Doing some yin yoga in the morning and working out the tightness from traveling.

Again, the T. I marvel at the beauty of public transportation. Why are suburbs so car-oriented when buses and subways and els make so much more sense?

Many, many bookstores. Even more restaurants. Nineteenth-century houses and twisty streets and brick sidewalks pushed up by tree roots.

The autumn sun falling across churches from the 1800s and a very old cemetary with tiny, grey, leaning gravestones.

Sitting on a couch at the Gap, waiting for my daughter while she tries on jeans, reading a new story by her just published in an annual
edited by a friend. She brought us one of the first copies out, just delivered in the mail. A great story. A wonderful, organic flow; lovely, interesting characterization; a sense of place; a sense of humor and whimsy and darkness lurking at the edges of the tale. Really good. No surprise there, but it still is wonderful to observe.


FairyGodKnitter said…
Help, blogger keeps eating my comments. I hope that you continue to enjoy Boston. I have 2 sister in laws that live there so we have visited. I love the subway system too and it's an easy city to walk even with kids in tow. I love the arboretum and of course Boston Common. And I'm still craving falafel after your last post, I'm going to have to plan a lunch outing to my favorite falafel place in Niagara Falls. Travel safe,
JANET said…
Now that I'm home, I'll try to do a link to the place.
And thanks for your comments - you're setting a great example!