Things to Recommend about Thanksgiving

Recognizing that you are truly very lucky.

Watching the National Dog Show, with John O'Hurley commentating. Appreciating the very Zen quality of the Tibetan Terrier, which could be no accident.

Having your family urge you to text-message in favor of the Tibetan Terrier, who got robbed by the Toy Poodle as Best of Show. My heart goes out to the Toy Poodle. Worse than a Barbie doll with a bad haircut.

Seeing the sun.

Baking cocoa cupcakes to help get you and your staff through the Thanksgiving weekend.

Looking forward to post-dinner sleepiness, at which point I hope to lay prone on the couch, read a book, and fall asleep before going upstairs to bed.


Anonymous said…
And don't forget telling jokes about walruses and yoga t-shirts of the future...
JANET said…
come on - you tell the walrus joke much better than I do. and will you disavow me if I tell the yoga t-shirt story?