Another Beautiful Blog

My Fashionable Life. Oh, so lovely. The cleanest of blog pages, with a flutter of tinted photographs decorating the left side of the screen.

Best of all: if you go to the link for Anna's own designs, you will see some very beautiful, very classy, very fun designs. Rowan-esque, with a hint of je ne sais quoi.

I've been feeling blog envy of late. And when I see a blog like this one, it seems to me that being a blogger makes much more sense when you are truly an artist of the craft.

I wish that I could offer original designs and patterns of my own making. But right now, I'm still on the learning curve. Good gravy (with apologies to my daughter, but this is one of my most favorite things that she actually once said on her blog): I was making major errors on the Swallowtail Shawl (which so many others have started and finished in a weekend) because I failed to notice that I hadn't copied the whole right side of the pattern, thus losing a crucial part of the directions.

To knit, to blog? To practice yoga, to knit? To bake brownies, to read the Sunday Times? So many choices, so little time.