Hand-dyed Details in More than Circular Shawl

More than Circular blocking. It reminds me of the sand mandelas that Tibetan monks create. I missed the occasion, but they came to our yoga studio a few years ago to make one there, as well as creating one at the Field Museum in Chicago.


The colors show beautifully in this bamboo from Habu Textiles. I dyed the yarn in two lots, each time making several shifts in dilutions of the stock colors and then random mixing of colors from lot to lot. Turquoise to royal blue to a sea blue to a jewel-tone lapis to amethyst, and back again.

Here you can get a tiny sense of how the color shifts from a very vibrant turquoise at the center to a deeper violet with blues at the border.


FairyGodKnitter said…
Wow, you really did knit a mandela. They frequently have monks making them at the Buffalo Museum of Science. You can observe their work from a balcony. It's easier to be still and really watch from the higher elevation.
Your yarn dyeing is wonderful.
JANET said…
thanks. I enjoy playing with the color and want to do more with it.