More than Circular, completed, or Shawl No. 2 in a Series for my Staff

Pocahantas-style portrait of More than Circular. Worn, not by the recipient, but my younger daughter, who gamely agreed to go out on the porch and model it so that I could take its picture before giving it away.

When the weather improves, or more importantly, when the sun comes out again (sometime in April, most probably), I have a promise from the person I gave it to that she'll model the shawl so that I can take one of those really good, shot from the back, arms spread like wings, you can see the lace detailing pictures. We have a sort of stream behind the store, where it sounds like a nature CD when you take out the trash. Red-winged blackbirds chirping, ducks a-swimming, water babbling. Come April, if not sooner, I'll take another picture so that you can see the beauty of this shawl.

In the meantime, here are my notes:

Project: More than Circular from Best of Knitter's Magazine Shawls and Scarves
Designer: Joanne Besold
Yarn: 20/12 bamboo from Habu Textiles, hand-dyed by me
Needles: size 4 bamboo double points; size 4, 5 , 7, 8 and 10.5 metal circulars
Variation: includes 3 relief rounds to increase size
If I made this again: I would leave out the relief rounds, which made the shawl quite large after blocking
Size: 48 by 48" before blocking, 60" by 60" after blocking
Started: June '06
Finished: November '06