Only Nine Shopping Days Left

My day today included:
  1. A tap-dancing customer who was jilted five days before the wedding, and could not recall her address because her mail is still being delivered to the ex-fiancee's house.
  2. A customer who came in to pick up the coat we had ordered for his wife while we were doing Uttanasana, or standing forward fold, behind the counter during a brief lull in business. In fact, one of us, who will go unnamed, was demonstrating the use of props in the pose by placing each hand on a stack of gift certificate boxes, in place of a yoga block. He looked intrigued but pretended not to notice.
  3. Here's what the UPS truck brought at 4:30 pm: four cartons of enormous gift boxes, used only for robes or coats or to hold a small animal; three cartons of very large shopping bags, not quite large enough however for the robe boxes. No medium gift boxes. No large gift boxes. Delivery late enough in the day so that everyone from the packaging place had gone home for the weekend and didn't have to take irate phone calls from managers who know how obsessed customers become with wanting the exactly-correct size of box for their presents.
  4. A cup of green tea from Tea Gschwender. The stuff grows on you. The reason I had this: my manager walked into the tea place and asked "What's on tap?" We think that they should open an outpost of Tea Gschwender in our store. The same manager who picked up the tea thinks that they should let us run a tab.
  5. Lots and lots of potato latkes. No matter how many you make, they all get eaten. And I sent some over to my neighbor, who'd sent me a recipe for zucchini latkes and even offered to grate potatoes. Now that's love.