Random beauty

The Swallowtail Shawl with the last of my finds from our favorite resale shop, which is no longer crammed full of cartons, overflowing with clothing onto floors and counters, the thrill of finding something amazing hidden in the middle of all this Stuff. I'm convinced that the current owner, who cleaned the place up and severely edited the array, is selling the best stuff on Ebay.

I love that the cat feels that she is owed not one fleecy blanket. Not one fleecy blanket on top of a folded quilt. But the bed, with a flannel duvet over the comforter, a folded quilt, and then a fleecy blanket. What a life.

A small wall quilt that my friend Lori made for me during her quilting period. The dog in the center: a portrait of Rosie, our Lab.


Carrie K said…
That quilt is really cute!

Of course that's what she's owed. Possibly more, but she doesn't want to hurt your feeling... ;)
Carrie K said…
FeelingS. With an s. Argh.