Reading Mitts

An easy, quick project in the midst of knitting lace shawls: mitts for reading in bed.

My theory is that I can slip these on, keep my hands outside the covers while I'm reading, but have my fingers free for turning pages or holding the book. That is until I invent the Bookholder I've been saying, for many winters, would be the perfect invention for winter-time, reading-in-bed reading.

Pattern: Hand and Wrist Warmers from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts.
Needle: size 7 circular
Yarn: Inca Marl from Classic Elite

Who needs to spin when you can buy yarn with plum and green and blue and maroon mixed together? And a beautiful, soft hand (meaning the feel of the yarn as you work it, not the actual anatomical part)? And no need for cabling: the pattern is a spiraling rib that resembles a tiny cable twisting on itself, but achieved just by shifting the K2P2 one stitch over every 4 rows? Tricky to see in my not-fancy digital camera photo. But if you enlarge the photo by double-clicking on it, you can follow the tiny, snaking trail of the faux cable as it winds around itself.