Things to Recommend doing on December 25th

Sleeping in.

Taking a nap between breakfast and lunch.

Going to see "Dreamgirls." Jennifer Hudson: perfection.

Taking a nap between lunch and dinner.

Admiring the knitted hat that your daughter made on her new Denise interchangeable needle set.
Also admiring her use of color: blending a lusciously-soft angora in a variegated pink and orange with some left-over Cascade 220 in dark brown and charcoal.
Side benefit: possibly retrieving all the size 8 needles that you suspect you may have loaned to her in the last two years. I know that I had an Addi Turbo size 8 somewhere, sometime.

Having risotto, salad, green beans for dinner. The very end of the pear crisp for desert.

Sitting on a fleecy dog bed in front of the fire while watching "Pirates of the Caribbean." Fleecy dog bed obtained while person originally sitting on it left the room to get drinks for dinner.

Tranferring to the other dog bed to read a Nero Wolfe mystery when the one person not sitting on a dog bed in front of the fire chooses to return fleecy dog bed to the dog.

Doing a variation of viparita karani, with legs propped up on the wing chair, lying back on a big, circular dog bed while reading in front of the fire.


Anonymous said…
You might mention that it was your husband who made the (very excellent) risotto, green beans, and salad. And that your daughter made the pear crisp.

C ;)
JANET said…
aw right, I fess up. I had nothing to do with cooking of said dinner except eating it! Did I even do the dishes?