An old project, inserted here so that I have a record. And because it's pretty. And because it's spring or summer in the photo.
Project: Cloud
Source: Rowan Calmer Collection
Yarn: Calmer
Color: no record, but a soft blue with grey undertones
Source: a yarn store in Oak Park
Size: XS, then blocked like nobody's business, to more of a Small

If I Had It Do over Again: As noted above, I might make a size small - but in general, this one fits just right, after I made a bit more room in the body by blocking. I made a gesture toward buttonholes, and then decided to bail and pin it closed with a silver brooch (that's the only word for this) that I received as a present a while ago. The yarn is extremely soft and surprisingly warm - must be the non-man made portions of the fiber, which make it very comfy but more appropriate for people like me, who are usually cold when everyone else is too warm. One of the first sweaters that I knit, after a Rowan Big Wool turtleneck that I have yet to photograph.