A Day Off with Cicadas

This is true: the mating call of the cicadas -- a constant whirring, like grasshoppers but pitched deeper and more insistent -- is so loud today that I am inside, on my day off, with all of the windows closed. I can imagine for the first time how effective sound is as an instrument of torture.

I laid on the hammock for a while, reading a book. Got tired enough that I went upstairs to take a nap. In the tree beside my bedroom window, cicada upon cicada stationed vertically along the trunk, singing his mating call. Went back downstairs and fell asleep on the couch. There are no trees close enough to the living room windows to cause fear.

I know that I was trying not to jump on the cicada bandwagon. But it's insidious. Looking at them can be avoided, listening not so much. I'm just glad that the camera is in Canada with my husband so that I can't post a picture of the parade formation in the tree outside my bedroom. But if this keeps up, I know that I'll linking to a picture. Fair warning will be given.


Kanoff said…
( `♥.¸*O*
`♥.¸ )**P*
( `♥.¸***T*
`♥.¸ )****I*
( `♥.¸*****M*
`♥.¸ )**O*
( `♥.¸***
`♥.¸ )***F*
( `♥.¸***I*
`♥.¸ )****M*
( `♥.¸******
`♥.¸ )*D*
( `♥.¸**E*
`♥.¸ )*s*
( `♥. **E*
`♥.¸ )***M*
( `♥.¸****A*
`♥.¸ )*****N*
( `♥.¸******A*
`♥.¸ )*P*
( `♥. **R*
`♥.¸ )***A*
`♥.¸ )*v*
( `♥. **O*
`♥.¸ )***C*
`♥ )****E*