Everyday Acts of Kindness

It feels a bit Romper Room to name names, but I'm so pleased: Shelly and Joyce and Linda and my mom (who's going to pass the word along to the women in Sisterhood at her temple) and Laura Jane and Wendy (who might be able to do an article) and most, if not my entire staff, who I guilted, I mean asked, to give a scarf a try.

Here's my pitch: what if we tried, everyday, without fanfare, to do something for someone else? Instead of random acts of kindness, how about everyday acts? Keep it simple, doable, attainable, so that we build it into the fabric of ordinary life. Start it and finish it, in a manageable amount of time. I like the toothbrushing analogy: compassionate behavior that is as undramatic but regular as brushing your teeth.

My part, beside beating you to death with my excitement, is to design the patterns. I promise: will be done by July 1. But don't wait for me if you have a plan~


Molly said…
Hey, me too! I think I have some friends I can bring along.