Knitting Envy

Again, with the knitting envy. Look at this!
I would have knit more today than the beginning of the swatch of Double Rose Leaf (check out the wedding stole here from this pattern) and Tracery patterns from Barbara Walker, volume 2, if I hadn't:
  1. read Harry Potter while I ate breakfast
  2. wrote up the August schedule for work
  3. listened to the sound of heavy machinery at work down the block as I was writing the schedule at the dining room table
  4. noticed that the chandelier flickered off and then on again after an especially loud barrage from the heavy machinery down the block
  5. finished writing the schedule early enough so that I could type it up, then do some yoga, and maybe some knitting
  6. turned the computer on. turned it on again. turned the monitor on and off. turned the monitor on and off again. telephoned the Source of All Knowledge, who walked me through various options to try to turn the computer on. still no computer. My idea of unplugging all the plugs and replugging them in was nixed.
  7. turned the laptop on. waited many minutes which I will never get back again for the thing to boot up, go to email, and recover my schedule template. in between, tried to log on to blogspot to post on my blog.
  8. decided to knit a bit while waiting for all the little green lines in the rectangle to reach the Full mark, so that I could post.
  9. many minutes later, still only at the one-third mark. perhaps not the day to wrestle with technology?
  10. turned the laptop off, headed to the living room to knit and watch The View. Never the deepest of experiences, but now like watching a train wreck that you can't turn away from. Did I mention that the television, which is older even than the dog and my original cats, who lived a very long time, is dying? First PBS, now ABC and the WB are viewable only by turning the VCR on and watching through that. Oh, and the toaster oven? No oven. Just toaster.
  11. allowed myself to knit until 11 am or so, then ate a fantastic sandwich of roasted eggplant and fresh spinach on good crusty bread with lots of air holes, dressed for work, and headed out early to type the schedule up there.
  12. suffice it to say that things continued in the same vein for the rest of the day. I finally put the whole thing aside to finish tonight, when I came home from work. Pulled up the email from work with the attachment of the schedule. Typed in, with much revising, the whole 4 weeks of August. Saved many many times.
  13. Tried to email the attachment back to work for final revisions. Discovered that clicking on the save icon in an email is an evil trick designed to dupe those who really, really want to be done with the whole schedule torture.
  14. Used my new favorite appliance - my printer/fax/scanner to scan the schedule in. Then rescanned it when it went AWOL. Emailed it to work and my husband's email, as a test.
  15. Still no sign of it in his email.
  16. Got out the new bottle of Glenfarclas' 10 Year Old single malt whiskey. It came in a girlie tin with a painting of thistles and the slogan A Force of Nature on the front. No matter. I deserve it, as do you for sticking with this post so long.
  17. Oh, and the computer? My husband fixed it this evening by unplugging and replugging all the plugs.