No Pun-land

I could have called this post "Bells and Whistles." Or, I might have if I could type "whistle" correctly. Three tries before I had it right, and I'm a champion speller, which is my other non-remunerative talent, along with stupendous parallel parking ability. The point: that's how tired I am.

My own yoga practice at 6 am. Taught at 8 am. One of my largest classes ever. The door to the studio squeaks as it opens, and each time that I thought that we were settled in and ready to go, squeeeeak, swoosh, quiet thud as door closes, and another student wanders in. Go figure: there is no pattern to how my classes stack up. When I think that I'll have no one, I get a crowd. And when I anticipate a group and plan ahead, nada. It's just the universe smacking me upside the head once more.

After teaching, home to change clothes and apply make-up. Then, to work. Insanity, crowds, hardly a moment to take a breath or talk to my assistant before I head out for a week of conference then beach + the new Harry Potter + a visit from my younger daughter + hopefully nothing, once the conference is over, but sitting in a chair, listening to the ocean, and reading.

Here's some knitting from yesterday. I'm inventing the felted scarf as I go along, modifying Leigh Radford's pattern to fit the Lamb's Pride yarn on hand and my need for a bit more stimulation than constant stockinette stitch. The scarf starts out with a section using about half the skein of English rose, then half of what is about a half skein of pink. The center section is garter stitch and will go on until I use the skein of lavender up. Next time, I'll do a few rows of garter stitch, then a small stockinette section, then a long section of garter as the transition from stockinette to garter.

No knitting done tonight. My arms are too tired from putting clothes away, and by the time that we ate dinner, it was after 8 p.m. We watched a DVD and ate home-made pizza and watermelon and salad. Then I baked a cookie sheet of chocolate chip cookies because I deserve a Treat. And then I made the mistake of looking at the amazing yarn and knitting going on over here. How does a person create such beautiful stuff in such a short amount of time? And will I ever indulge myself in some Sundara Yarn?

This should probably be a no-whine as well as a no-pun zone. Because here's what I'm playing with:
A swatch of Bell Lace from Barbara Walker's Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns. Cascade 220 on a number 8 needle, just to see the design. I'm contemplating designing a lace shawl based on this pattern as the outer edge, with Spider Stitch as the main body of the wrap. Far down the road, and definitely not knitting for a very tired person. Twenty-eight rows in each repeat, with varying numbers of stitches from row to row, and patterning on both right-side and wrong-side rows. In other words, no relaxing purling back across the shawl as relief from all the counting going on during right-side rows.