Branching Out and branching out in Knitting for Compassion

I'm starting to build a sidebar for Knitting for Compassion information.

Patterns. Photos of scarves made from listed patterns. More pictures, of scarves created by friends and co-workers and strangers. (Yesterday I received a card from a person in the Chicago area, whose daughter in another city (my hometown) received an email about the project and sent it to her mother here. Crazy and inspiring.)

Also, events. Please please support my LYS, the Knitche, and come out to knit with us on the evenings of Thursday, September 13th and Thursday, October 11th. I'm no knitting diva or even minor celeb, but it's a wonderful community of knitters and crocheters and dyers and creative people who are smart and interesting and welcoming, and everyone is included in the fun. If you are shy (as many of us are, and that's okay), you can come and find a quiet corner from which to observe, and that's very important, too.

Other matters for the sidebar: more information on Housing Opportunities for Women. (In one of those nice examples of unknown connections, it turns out that a very good friend of mine, who was a knitter way before me and is a friend that I've known since grad school, lives north of the city, belongs to a church that assists HOW.) Perhaps a Flickr account if I really push myself to take on my fear of the technology beast. Perhaps an original design just for the project?

And as Susan Pierce Lawrence aptly puts it on her website, "Please Play Nice" with the patterns. They are for personal use only; copies are to be restricted to one's own use; and no sale of patterns or scarves created from the patterns is permitted. Unauthorized reproduction of content or pictures is not permitted. Please go to Susan's homepage of her blog, I'm Knitting as Fast as I Can, to read more on how to play nice. The editors of Knitty also sum up the ethics and regulations of pattern use in an FAQ page in the online magazine.