Update on the Project-that-shall-be-Named

We're looking for a new name for our project. Knitting for Compassion has been nixed, as there are folks out there who, as hard as it is to imagine, are not knitters. Still, they're going to pitch in and help us to reach our goal of collecting 300 scarves: the number needed to provide every head of house client at Housing Opportunities for Women with a holiday gift of something warm, beautiful, and either hand-made or donated.

Suggestions so far: Stitches for Compassion? A Tapestry of Compassion? Find Yourself Warmed? Compassionate Threads? The Share-a-Scarf Project? Everyday Compassion? The Compassion Project? Ergg. I'm not good with names. When I was searching for a blog name, my husband actually came up with Hand Maiden. I turned it down. Little did I know.

Anyway, chew on this a while and see if you can toss any ideas my way. In the meantime, how goes your scarf work? Here's a small look at my second scarf finished: the Ruffle Scarf #050, pattern by Mac and Me of Blue Sky Alpaca.
My version is knit in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran from my stash. Color 615. I'll post the specs tomorrow, but this is a great scarf for a beginner or for a more experienced knitter who wants to work on something almost mistake-proof but with enough variation to keep you interested. And you learn a really nifty way to make a ruffle.