Angelic Organics

Our first boxes of fruits and vegetables from Angelic Organics. Corn and kale and summer savory and carrots and a little white eggplant and two patty pan squash and a purple eggplant and a bag of mesclun and more.
Interesting question: why is our household destined to be the recipients of onions bigger than the state of Nebraska? My husband used to bring home gargantuan heads of garlic and onions from the oil change place in town. Don't ask why, but they gave out a free vegetable with every oil change.
The fruit box. Not local, like the vegetables, but that's okay. Organic mangoes from Mexico, two kinds of pluots (Flavor King and Sweet Treat), Summer Fire nectarines, Black Emerald grapes, Valencia oranges, and Bartlett pears.
Any suggestions on what to do with kale? Plenty of other folks were stumped, apparently, because that was the dominant vegetable left in the swap box at the pick-up site.

Dinner is corn on the cob; tomatoes sliced and layered with mozzarella and basil, some salt and freshly ground pepper and olive oil; bread; and a handful of the grapes that fell off the stem. Yum.


Molly said…
So lucky! Everything looks beautiful.
Kale is especially good in stirfry with lots of ginger or sauteed with garlic and olive oil on pasta.
JANET said…
perfect - the only recipes that we were finding had you cooking it in stock with a big ham bone. Not a bad idea, but not very summery. How are you?
Mel Mazz said…
We just got the first fruit box as well, and my nectarines are just ripe and so juicy and delicious! I made a very yummy corn risotto with my 8 or so ears of corn. I highly recommend it. You can see the recipe here:

When I get back from vacation, I am going to get to work on how to use more kale. I steam it over my minestrone right before serving, but that's about it off the top of my head!
Hannah said…