Bianca's Jacket

Pattern: Bianca's Jacket
Source: Interweave Knits Fall 2006
Designer: Michele Rose Orne
Yarn: Sir Galli by Muench, 104 yd/skein - used about 8 skeins
Source: LittleKnits, on sale, 10 skein bag for $44
Needles: size 7 circular bamboo, size 8 straight (for lace sections)
Gauge: 16 st and 22 rows to 4" (after blocking)
Size shown: XS

A successful effort, wonderful results. Easy to work, but enough variety in the pattern to keep you awake and stimulated. Every once in a while, in the midst of the stockinette, a decrease or a lace detail or a sloping edge. And a very pleasant yarn: 100% silk; a dry "hand," meaning that it feels a bit rough and textured; rarely split, despite being made up of several strands of silk. Very similar to Rowan Summer Tweed, at a much more reasonable cost, though without the color choices. The Sir Galli reminds me of tussah silk: golden-colored, like honey, and a bit exotic looking.

A detail of the sleeve below. If you like bell sleeves and a long sleeve that you can tuck your cold hands up into, this is a perfect pattern for you.
I bailed on making button holes. Though I love love the buttons that I found at Stitches, I'd actually become impatient the night before the show and cast this off at about 2 a.m. I've been having trouble sleeping, which is rare for me, and felt the need to Finish Something. So I'm going with kismet and using one of my favorite finds from a resale shop to close the cardigan. The pin is probably the reason that I fell in love with the buttons, so maybe it's fitting that the precursor gets honored place on this sweater and the buttons wait for the right, next project.
A neckline detail. Just enough scoopiness to allow for wearing a necklace or long earrings. The kind of neckline that emphasizes the collarbone, which I think is one of the most attractive parts of a woman's body. (Okay, you may be thinking that I've missed the boat here, but take a look around a room of women and see what you think. Or notice that the mirrors in jewelry and cosmetic departments are jusssst big enough so that you can see no more than your necklace resting on your clavicle or the earring beside your cheekbone. No accident. Same principle as shoe stores, where the mirrors are small and low to the ground so that the view is restricted to only the foot and new shoe. These are moments to focus down and say to yourself, "I am so cute.")
If I Had It to Do Over Again: Next time, I'd lengthen the body of the sweater. For summer, this is a good length. It will work fine over a t-shirt with a skirt or cropped pants, or with a tank and jeans. For winter, I'd keep everything the same (the sleeves are the best of any pattern that I've tried) but make the fronts and back 2-3 inches longer, say, hip-length. Otherwise, good instructions, a sweater that can be executed while watching television or, for some of you, while having a conversation. Big enough gauge to move along but small enough gauge to have drape and a fit to the final result.


Anonymous said…
Bianca's jacket is absolutely beautiful, Enjoy it!