Not Quite Beyonce

Lots going on in Chicago this past weekend. The Air and Water Show. Beyonce at the United Center on Saturday night. My birthday weekend with my two oldest friends.

On Sunday, this was the conversation at the reception desk at the W hotel.
Very Clean-Cut Young Man from flyer squadron that was grounded because of fog and rain Sunday: Beyonce came in Saturday.
Us: Beyonce was staying here?!
Him: Yes. (Quizzical look at three 50-year-old women.)
Us: We figured that she was staying with Oprah!
Him: No. She was staying here. (Another quizzical look, verging on frightened. Please note that this conversation occurred after I found out that he and his buddies might not be able to get out on their small, radar-less planes, socked in by the rain, and I'd offered my house if they couldn't get rooms for the night. I never do this, but he was so polite, and I felt compassionate.)
Us: Really? Beyonce was here? We were wondering where she was staying. I wonder why we didn't notice! (Very excited.)
Him: Yes, my fiancee was staying here.
Us: Fiancee? We thought you said Beyonce.

After that, we all went on retreat. We were laughing. He was hoping to book rooms and escape from these three strange women, I'm sure.

And Angelina and Brad and children were at the Peninsula Hotel, in town for Angelina to film a movie. We missed them, too. No wonder the spa there was all booked up. But we had Garrett's popcorn (see the line? a near religious experience definitely worth the wait, and you want to order some caramel and some cheese, and eat a little bit of each at the same time), walking along the lake Sunday morning, had amazing facials and a massage at the Bliss spa at the W, and lots of gabbing and laughing and walking.