Progress on the Shibori Felted Scarf

Not the best photograph, but you get the point. A long length of knitted wool. Using up of several analogous colors of Lamb's Pride (a mohair and wool blend) from my laundry basket of left-over yarn. Some sections stockinette, some sections garter stitch, some sections a combination. Doing whatever I could to entertain myself as I trudged through the knitting process.
More fun here: after you knit the long strip of wool, you take some shapes (in this case, round wooden balls in sizes from tiny to super-ball size) and create texture. Place the shape (it could be a smooth stone or a coin or these Shibori balls from Knitche) on the underside of the scarf. Gather the fabric around it, then tie a piece of cotton yarn around the "neck" of the shape. If you're organized, you can create a planned pattern. If you're me, you go for semi-balance and call it a day.
Closeup. A bit scary, no?
Next step: felt the scarf in a washing machine of hot water and detergent and lots of agitation. That part needs to wait for my next day off, when I have time to sit in the basement beside the washer, reading while monitoring felting/shrinking until it's just right.