Yarnival Carnival!

I'm proud. Got myself named in Yarnival, a blog carnival for knitting bloggers. Immediately, I was thinking BOOK DEAL! Or, as my younger daughter noted, at least a call from the New York Times. It's good to be king, right?

And good news also today regarding Knitting for Compassion. I opened an email from my contact in the corporate office, and my little scarf project is going to be a test, with hopes to have the entire company participate next year. So get those scarves rollin', rollin', rollin', folks. Remember, you don't have to knit it or even make it by hand, though that would be great. We're happy to accept donations of gently-worn scarves, scarves that you purchased, or scarves that a friend or neighbor or relative made as well as yarn and needles so that there's also gifts for those who are knitters or crocheters. (See how I keep throwing in the crochet aside? I'm trying hard not to be leave you out.) My partner on the project has her mom hard at work, and today, my assistant brought in the first scarf that she's crocheted in years, and you know what, it was beautiful!

And we'll be gathering at a great knitting shop, the Knitche in Downers Grove, Illinois, for two charity knit nights. Put the evenings of Thursday, September 13th and Thursday, October 11th on your calendar. Please. Now. Come knit with us, see a truly wonderful knitting shop, meet some kindred spirits, drink Intelligentsia coffee and Gale Gand's root beer. As they say in the Poconos, what's not to like?

Our goal is to collect 300 scarves for the clients of Housing Opportunities for Women, an organization in Chicago that helps women and children transition from the shelter system into independent housing. That would be the number of scarves needed to give every family a gift for their mom at the holidays. Deadline is end of October 2007, and when we get a bit closer, I'll post an address to send them to. In the meantime, I'd love to get an update from anyone working, or collecting, and even better would be pictures emailed to me at pegotty@att.net, so that we can all enjoy the beauty.