Knitche Night

Don't forget, it's Knitche night. We're meeting at the knitting store in Downers Grove to knit scarves, gab, be tempted by the new fall yarns, or just hang out.

The address is 5150 Main St., Downers Grove, Il., 60515. The phone number is 630-852-5648. The store is open until 9 p.m., and charity knitting starts at about 7 p.m. Here's a link if you're computer-savvy: the Knitche. The owner, Kathy, has been so supportive and has put a great announcement on her home page, so please, come by and support this great local yarn shop that is willing and ready to do something for a community of women in need.

I had an email from Nikki, who's sending me a box of scarves from her knitting group, and then another box from a camp that she participated in. Pictures of some current contributions later, after I do some yoga, write my October schedule, and sit still for a while. Fall in retail is crazy, and yesterday we did a lot of business with just one manager (me!) and 3 associates.