Red Scarves, Blue Scarves

Red scarves!

Blue scarves!
Not old scarves, though it would help the rhyme scheme, but green scarves!
It's Alive scarves!
Son of It's Alive scarves: half orange furriness and half loopy multicoloredness.
Plus two purses and a hat and some more, um, scarves!

Thank you, Nikki, and everyone who helped knit the fun and wonderful things in this box. Fourteen more scarves plus the hat and the two purses, and another box that Nikki says she'll be sending to me. Nikki found out about the project from her mom, who lives in Pittsburgh, and told Nikki, who lives in the Chicago area about it, and then Nikki contacted me, and eh voila, more scarves for the women of Housing Opportunities for Women.

I appreciate all the help I've received and l really like seeing all the colors and textures and techniques tossed together in a big pile before I count them. We have about 6 weeks left to collect. Tomorrow or Monday, I'll put together a contest for everyone who has donated and plans to donate. And my husband picked up an overflowing bag of scarves yesterday from the Knitche (yeah team!); more pictures tomorrow, and another Charity Knit Night coming up on October 11th.