Things to Recommend about Saturday evening

  • Footloose, the collector's edition.
  • Dinner of tacos and ten different salsas (one with radish and onions and another with cucumber and hot peppers and a really limey green salsa and a very very hot green salsa) and grilled garlic potatoes and vegetarian tacos with cilantro that even I, who abhors cilantro, liked and really good frijoles and horchata at the Taco Grill and Salsa Bar in Westmont. All for 14 bucks. Two guys who came in wearing hats with a deep crown and a short brim and navy-blue pants with stripes on the side and tuxedo shirts. Couldn't be the Foreign Legion, could it?
  • Not being at work.
  • Two more scarves for the Knitting for Compassion Project. From Jan. Hand spun yarn from a farm near her home in Wisconsin. Hand-dyed, too. Two more from Karri at work. That brings us, unofficially, to 26.