Vairagyam again

I'd been thinking about vairagyam, or detachment, as something that you let go of with regard to yourself. As in: I will let go of the outcome of my effort to knit, and try to enjoy the experience of knitting. Rather than focusing on the finish line, trying to notice the thing as it happens.

But today I realized that vairagyam isn't just about me. It's also about detaching oneself from judgement of others, trying to gracefully accept people for who they are. Rather than focusing on my concept of who someone should be, trying instead to notice the person as she or he happens. That's even more difficult than trying to detach from your own desires or expectations. It's like taking a walk away from the movie you wanted to see, going into the theater next door, and allowing yourself to be surprised and okay with whatever movie you end up watching.

Does this mean that I need to retire my All About Me socks?