Enough with the Guilt, Woman!

This is my new favorite mantra.

Sent to me by my friend Marcia, who I met when I was first dating my husband, because she and her husband Rick had taken my husband under their wing and I was taken to meet them early on, sort of a family approval kind of thing. (This is the dinner where I flipped the butter out of the butter dish as I was carving off a piece to butter Rick's home-made French bread, from Julia Child, and then picked the stick of butter up in my fingers and put it back on the dish.) Marcia has been a mentor of sorts to me. She was a weaver before me, and a mom before me, and a grad student before me. Long before anyone had heard of Martha Stewart, we laid on her bed on Thanksgiving Day and watched one of the first Martha Stewart holiday specials. I still recall us chortling at the sight of Martha's perfectly organized china closet. And like some of my favorite people, Marcia has an eye for stuff. She had Fiestaware way before it was collectible, and she was estate-saling before it was the thing to do, and her home is beautiful and tasteful and most of all, welcoming.

So I was supposed to meet Marcia for dinner a few weeks ago, when she came to town for a meeting. And I messed up and scheduled myself to work that evening. I sent an email to see if we could reschedule, but no luck. So I emailed and apology. No answer. Then I sent a handwritten note, again apologizing. No answer.

Then, the day before yesterday, a card and a belated birthday present from Marcia. And some perfect advice. It went somewhat like this:

Enough with the guilt, woman! I know that you're busy! I'm busy, too. We'll get together another time - don't worry.

Perfect advice. I've been using this phrase repeatedly the last few days. You will learn that it comes in handy for a multitude of situations. And so on point: aren't we all more than ready to either beat ourselves up, metaphorically, or take the victim's role and toss the guilt to someone else? Plus, it's fun to say. Go ahead, try it.

Enough with the guilt, woman! See what I mean? I'm just sorry that, in a rare moment of cleaning frenzy, I threw the card out. It would have been nice to frame it.

And just because it's Sunday, pictures of the cat, progress on the Minimalist cardigan, and scarves donated from the Knitche knitters for the Knitting for Compassion project.


Anonymous said…
Yes, but you became a knitter before me, you did yoga before me, you organized charity events before me AND you have done them all much better than I ever could! You inspire me to do better. Love, M
JANET said…
awww, shucks now. thanks--