The Magic Loop Method

Felted mitten. Don't worry. There's another one. And a suggestion: take your Malabrigo felted mittens out of the washing machine while they are still a bit bigger than you want them to end up. They continue to shrink and puff up as they dry, so that the end result is smaller than the soggy, floppy, huge-looking mitten in felting process.
Before felting. Turned inside out, per directions, so that the pair are less likely to felt together into one giant unusable mitten.
The Magic Loop method illustrated on the Knit Picks' website: This looks like the ticket for finishing my felted mittens. Be gone, you double-pointed needles, which wander about the house and my knitting bags and the undersides of the sofa cushions, so that I never have more than three of the five of a set at any one moment. And maybe it's me, but it's very tricky to hold three or four needles in a circle while wrapping the yarn around the needle holding the stitches being worked while holding onto the needle doing the work while not dropping any stitches off the other three or four needles.
A visual demonstration of why it may be tricky for me to hold four needles at one time. Picture to scale. Don't snicker, please.