No Rest for the Weary

I never stopped moving today. From the moment that I unlocked the front door of the store and turned off the alarm until I headed out the door at the end of my day, I was never not doing something.

Between 9:30 am and 1 pm, I counted down the registers, wrote out a zone chart, read and printed and hole-punched and filed the email, answered the phone at least 20 times, scheduled a cleaning of the store, carried the 8-foot ladder to the floor to change a poster, carried a mannequin out to the floor for the window change, carried new arms out for the mannequin, carried the mannequin back because the arms had been manufactured upside down and would have caused the mannequin to wave in a grotesque fashion rather than stand and pose, hand-removed seven very large dust bunnies from under the desk where we didn't dust mop yesterday, carried the ladder back to the stockroom, moved and climbed another ladder to search for a receipt for my corporate office, unwound a roll of tape by hand because I couldn't find the tape dispenser so that I could tape the receipt to a piece of paper and put it through the fax machine, tried to use the hole-punch in the office but failed because the last hole-punch part is screwed down against the plate of the hole-punch and I could not loosen it, filed paperwork, printed out mailing labels and packed up three different packets for my corporate office, taped together a carton only to discover that the bottom was torn to shreds, taped another carton and packed up another delivery to my corporate office, emailed for a follow-up on two maintenance requests and missing packaging and AWOL pegs for the accessory fixtures, responded to the emails sent regarding those issues, responded again, took a call from the supply person about the packaging at the same time that the UPS guy was delivering the packaging. Oh, and waited on customers, and talked to my associate about her vacation, and called the management office about holiday hours, and took a conference call, and talked to anew employee about her schedule, and heard my favorite story of the day about the dinner dance that one of my employees wnet to last week and how she was dancing so madly that she danced her slip right off and then stepped out of it without missing a beat, and then tried to make order out of chaos on the sales floor.

If you want to help, please tell me what you would like to have for a snack at our holiday kick-off meeting this weekend. It's in the evening, and we have a few dollars per person to spend. Desert? Pizza? Something resembling something alcoholic but not alcoholic? Pretend that you're invited and help my poor brain to come up with something celebratory yet simple.

Now, I'm going to watch The Bachelor. And I don't want to hear any snickers out there, because I deserve a moment of really inane reality t.v.