Okay, my favorite part of yesterday's post on perfectionism is that I misspelled both "perfectionist" and "soap" opera. Another mental slap upside the head, as Stephanie Plum would say. And I don't know how Janet Evanovich spells Stephanie, and I'm not Googling to check. Because it's time to observe scarves.

Here's an update on our scarf prject, hmm, project. Eighty-five scarves so far - we're nearing the 100 marl. That's mark. . .If you have any pity for me, you'll send me a scarf. One of my most cherished talents is my ability to spell (second only to my ability to parallel park in large urban settings such as Chicago), and if that is going, something is seriously amiss.

Purple and chartreuse. My favorite color combination:
Tina's scarf:
Remember, the scarves, which are being donated to the families of Housing Opportunities for Women so that each mom can receive a holiday gift of something warm and cozy, can be hand-made or purchased (I hear that the dollar store has them on sale for, yep, a dollar) or gently worn or can even be the raw materials for one of the clients of HOW in Evanston to make her own scarf. Email me at and I'll provide a mailing address. Or call me if you're local and know my phone number, and I'll stop by and pick them up. I'm hoping to collect at least a round 100, but 300 would be even better, so that every client receives a scarf.

And thanks to all those who've sent or donated or come to the Knitche to knit. We still have our unpublicized competition of the Knitche versus my mom's sisterhood, and the sisterhood is winning. We may do another night of charity knitting of scarves at the Knitche; I'll post the information if it happens.


FairyGodKnitter said…
I thought when you said sopa that you were watching something in Spanish. I'll have at least 6 scarves ready to go by the beginning of November. When is the deadline?
JANET said…
Thank you for the scarves and the comment. I'm touched that you find meaning in my misspellings! The deadline is mid-November.