this yoga stuff works

Symptoms: Achy lower back. Sciatica-like symptoms shooting up my right leg. Sore hips, in protest even about climbing onto my very high, old-fashioned bed.

Treatment: lots of deep hip openers, held for several breaths. Things like lunges on each leg, a lunge with the foot stepped way to the side so that the pose accesses the hamstring and inner thigh muscles, a reclining backbend with one leg tucked under and the other extended, and my most favorite, Pigeon pose.

Result: feeling much better. Backache is gone, hips feel more relaxed, feet don't hurt.

This yoga stuff really works.

Note of caution: please see a good yoga teacher in your area for relief from any symptoms; he or she will know what is right for you and what should be avoided. Remember Western medical culture's admonition: first, do no harm.