Update on Knitting for Compassion

Another box from the Knitche. Amazing! We're at 154 scarves and still collecting. Thank you, everyone! Keep knitting. Keep sending. We can reach the goal of 300 by mid-November, can't we? And wouldn't it be cool if knitters/readers from Uganda and Hawaii and every place that you see a little dot on the map section of SiteMeter sent in a scarf, so that this was a global project? Just email me at pegotty@att.net for details.

One of my favorite scarves. Simple but colorful.

A scarf knit by a little boy.

My den. My life. I'm a slob, but a slob who likes fiber and color.


Molly said…
What is the deadline? I want to see if I can get my knitting needles moving out here.
JANET said…
The deadline is mid-November - there's still time. I tried to motivate myself to finish the scarf that you started, but no luck so far. Maybe I'll do it today?
Love, M.