Best Friends

My best friend just left for the airport. I miss her already. More than almost anyone except my immediate family, she can kick my butt out of a funk. Sometimes, even more than my immediate family.

This is how old we are: she was in town this week to have an operation, and was supposed to stay with me to recuperate a day or two. But I'm recovering from my very own, unplanned operation, and so in great fatigue, I took her up on her offer to take a pass on staying with us. We've known each other since strollerhood, and we're still best of friends, along with a third friend who lives in California now. We all went to grade school together, and this summer we celebrated our 50ths together.

She has taught me a lot about having a positive outlook. Whenever I start to feel too sorry for myself, I think of the sign that she had on her dashboard several years ago. "Attitude is everything." I'm not a big self-help consumer. I read way too much existentialist literature in high school (Camus will kill all optimism, and Sartre's No Exit, or Huis Clos, is definitely a downer, and what does it say that the best high school play I went to see was Waiting for Godot at the boys' school that was "partner" to my all-girls high school?).

But between the yoga, which is one of the world's best ways to realize what are your habits and what you want to change, and getting older, and seeing other people go through bad stuff, and seeing other people go through good stuff, I've found a tiny bit of perspective. My favorite moment (which I think I blogged about at the time) at last year's managers' meeting for my company was when a manager from another state came up to me and said "you are such a positive person." Who, me?

No great insights to conclude this post with. Just feeling better than I did this morning, and gonna try to stick with that plan. Need to call back the friend form California, and then some knitting, and some All Things Considered, amd hoping that the final disc of Project Runway comes very soon.