Just wondering

  • why the laptop won't connect to the site that I've Googled because I "may not be connected to the Internet." But if I wasn't connected, how could I have worked the search engine?
  • why my stash of yarn never has exactly the right yarn for me to able to jump onto the tail ends of another blogger's project? I'm sure that knitting a 4-inch gartered stitch square for a blanket organized for charity by one of the Mason-Dixon duo should be doable during Dancing with the Stars tonight. But the only sock yarn that I own is brown Lorna's Lace and I'm looking for something colorful but mindless to work on.
  • why I have the flu when I had the ^%$*flu shot two weeks ago? Well, I do know, because A> there are many strains of evil flu bugs out there and B> I broke my rule of never snacking in the back unless I've washed my hands first. Money, lots of people-traffic, and grabbing a piece of fudge with your bare paw is a good receipe for getting the flu.
  • why two women, shopping together,would want to spend over 45 minutes debating the fit of the jacket one is trying on. Here's me shopping: I walk, I grab, I try my choices on very very quickly, I discard the no's and proceed to check-out with the yes's. Done. The virtue of the method is its efficiency. The drawback is that I don't allow enough time to ponder my choice, and sometimes I have to make a Horrid Return. This is my least favorite part of shopping, because I know that I'm taking money out of the sales in their hard-earned till and because I'm forced to admit that I made a bad decision. I hate that.
  • why I'm nervous about doing my scuba certification dive in a quarry about 45 minutes south of here. No fears in the pool. But just thinking about a quarry makes me visualize a cold, dark, deep hole with very poor visibility. And cold! It's fall in Illinois, guys. Who'd want to get in the water, even with a wet suit and hood and gloves on? I'm a cold person, and even in the pool at my last lesson, I was starting to shiver after an hour or so. And more to the point, Dark. Deep. Cold.
  • why there is, and the capitalizations are theirs, a Hugging Dispute in the news at four o'clock. One little girl hugged her fried. Uh oh - violation of the code against public displays of affection. Sad and amazing. Remember how we used to squeeze each other really tight on the playground in same-gender pairs, and no one got sent to the principal's office?

Sorry for the whining. It's been a tough week. In the next few moments, I'm forcing myself to commit to something, anything, hopefully colorful, "comas knitting"-worthy, and quick.