Nathamuni's Yoga Rahasya

Today's still-at-home-activities:
Nathamuni's Yoga Rahasya. An ancient and lost yogic text, reputed to have been recovered by T. Krishnamacharya, a direct descendant of the original author as well as the grand-father and teacher of my teacher's teacher.

I picked this up today off my shelf of yoga books. I'm looking for a book that says something interesting about faith and scepticism and how to unearth any meaning from the chaos and uncontrollable mess of life. Something readable and interesting on faith, and that's a tricky order. But this is surprisingly readable, and has some really smart things to say about yoga, the mind, and the human condition in general. (I like the 14th statement, which says that women "when compared to men, have a special right to practice yoga." Keep in mind that this is an ancient text, and the rest of the statement will seem more understandable: "This is because it is women who are responsible for continuity of the lineage." Bothered me at first, but now I'm thinking of how interesting it is that a male author, from the 9th century, would consider the gender rights of yoga students as well as ascribe women as the more significant practitioners.)

I'm also swerving off-course from the Minimalist Cardigan to work on hats for my husband and older daughter. Classic watch caps, pattern (scroll down to find the pattern at the link) from the International Seafarers Ministry and the last of the Jo Sharp DK Wool in two shades of blue. This was one of the very first yarns that I bought when I started knitting a few years ago. The project was a Jo Sharp gansey which grew to fit a being roughly the size of an elephant. Not sure where the almost-done sweater went (I think that I threw it out in one of my cleaning-organizing frenzies), but I have a few balls of the variegated yarn and a few balls of solid navy left. This is great yarn - easy to work with, a little bit hairy for warmth, and the pattern goes fast, fast.

And listening to Kelly Petkun's interview with Laurie Perry on her Knit Picks' podcast. Very restorative. Lots of laughter and discussion of shopping and, more importantly, the importance of women taking care of themselves instead of always being the giver/non-receiver of good stuff.

Tonight, I'm gonna watch Survivor. Not because I care about the cast or any of the sad-sack challenges of this season, but because it's good knitting TV. Much better was Disc 3 of Season 3 of Project Runway after lunch, but I can't knit while watching because I want to see the fabrics and the models and the sewing and the champagne and the design challenges and the group becoming snippy with each other. Laura's red lipstick? In my next life, must have.


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