Progress on the Knitting for Compassion Project

218 scarves.
4 pair of gloves.
11 hats.
2 little handbags.

Amazing. Good job everyone.

Only 82 more scarves, and we'll have achieved the goal of providing some warmth and beauty for every client of Housing Opportunities for Women in Evanston, Illinois.

That's nothing. We can do this - I know it.

Here are some pictures of what we've done so far:

A box arriving from Pittsburgh. When's the last time that you saw waxed paper? This set the 50s theme for many of the scarves in this box.
A blue and red mohair scarf. Heavily corrugated. Should be standard issue for a Chicago winter.
The Retro Four. I loved this box; I could imagine the ladies of the sisterhood chatting, crocheting, using up odds and ends of donated yarn.
A very purple bobble hat.
Another lovely hat: a traditional tam. This one reminds me of my mother-in-law.
What I like to think of as the Focused Five; five individual scarves of the same yarn. An interesting shift and it made me wonder if they were all knit by the same person, or by five different knitters?
Is it wrong to choose a favorite? If so, this is mine from this batch. (My last favorite was the fuzzy pink scarf knit by a little boy, from the last bag that I picked up at the Knitche.) This one is a large rectangular wool shawl with embroidered details that echo the colors of the leaves changing in autumn.