Progress on the Minimalist Cardigan

The Drawer of Knitting. Where all the pieces and projects go while awaiting finishing or final destination.
And a quick post while my husband is out picking up the egg-lemon-and-rice avogolemono soup from the Greek restaurant where I love the portobello mushroom sandwich and before Charlie Brown starts.

There is a reason that the designer called this the Minimalist Cardigan. It's not supposed to be long. I realized that after finishing the back and the right front.
Now I'm on the left front, and I'm stopping where the pattern says to stop. What I didn't realize, or more to the point, take time to notice, is that after you reach the specified length, you still have the whole armhole and shoulder to do, so that the sweater is longer than where you, or I, at any rate, thought it would stop.

A Charlie Brown Christmas tonight. Seems just like yesterday that I blogged about my favorite part: the scene where all the kids do their own dances, including Snoopy. I am completely opposed to new Charlie Brown specials. If you ever start a petition drive, count me in.