Pattern: Fetching
Source: Knitty Summer 2006
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran (1 1/2 balls), color 330016/dyelot 71C
Needle: size 6 Bryspun circular, size 6 doublepoints
Source: Knitche, Downers Grove, IL
Gauge called for: 21 st and 30 rows to 4"
Actual gauge (measured across 4 x 1 rib): 19 st and 26 rows to 4"
Started: 10/07
Finished: 12/2/07

Not sure who these are going to. I've been eyeing the pattern for a while and a colleague admired my Reading Mitts one day early in the fall, when I was using them as gloves instead of reading handwarmers, so I chose the yarn with her in mind. She bicycles and canoes and bicycles some more (she's taken the back seat of her SUV out so that she can transport her bicycle with her) and has a great laugh and a great attitude.

Here's me modeling the finished result. Way too big for me. I checked gauge by making the gloves; I'm okay with that, though. There's no learning curve in knitting unless you make something twice, so I'm calling this the test. I recently read that Elizabeth Zimmerman recommends making a hat as a gauge test, so I'm in good company.
Next time: I'd go down to a size 5 needle for a firmer fabric and better fit; try a different method (copped from another pattern) for making the thumbs. I didn't love the way that they turned out. Picking up stitches per the pattern left large holes at the base of the thumb, which I had to darn to close. My Reading Mitts are thumb-less, but for cold weather, I prefer the option of having some wool to cover the thumbs. Otherwise, there is a good reason that this is such a popular pattern: simple but slightly intricate knitting, good proportion of cable to ribbing, easy, transportable, fast, great yarn, and, for me, the product knitter, a quick project.