Last Update on Knitting for Compassion

We more than nailed the goal. We collected over 300 scarves, several pairs of gloves and mittens, several hats, and two hand knit purses. I am so proud of what we accomplished. I've sent all along to the manager at another store, who is the contact with Housing Opportunities for Women, and more mobile than me at the moment, and she will be delivering it to the agency next week.

My hope is that every child whose mother is a client of this non-profit has the ability to choose something beautiful and warm to give to her as a holiday present. My other hope is that we all learned, from this project, a few things: that doing something for someone else can be an ordinary act, as disciplined but easy as brushing your teeth; that making something beautiful but functional does enrich the life of the artist as well as the recipient; and that color and fiber can help you get through a Chicago winter.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and to everyone who followed the arc of this project.