Breakfast with a Yoga Friend

Went to breakfast with a friend today. This is how much we were talking: she ordered a short stack of pancakes, I ordered the fresh fruit with banana bread. Someone in the kitchen was going wild with the powdered sugar shaker: both pancakes and bread were showered. Very pretty. And my fresh fruit - imagined as a bowl with some pineapple and berries - was a giant platter of quartered oranges, apples, and pears, with a few pity strawberries at the center. It was more than enough fruit to feed an entire nursery school class after nap time. It was so intimidating that I had to put it aside, out of direct sight. I felt like it was looking at me more than I was looking at it.

Anyway, she ate half a pancake. I ate the tiny piece of banana bread. One of my favorite parts of having a meal with a yoga teacher friend: when you try to demonstrate the pose that you are describing. I was telling her about some great poses for carpal tunnel syndrome, which required me to use the table top and booth to try to demonstrate what you do with arms and fingers and wrists. And we talked about her chiropractic treatment. A lot. I'm sure that our booth neighbors loved us.

Then we both walked down the street toward our cars. And kept walking. "I thought I'd stop at the knitting store before I went home," I explained. "That's where I'm headed!" she replied. So on we went. This was the first thing we saw when we walked in the door: a mint-green version of the Juliet sweater from Zephyrstyle. We both tried it on and loved it. The store model was made in chunky Misti Alpaca, which was a bit pricier than we were planning. But definitely a pattern to be put on the list, especially since the pattern includes a full-length version, and the cropped floor model was sweet but a bit younger than I was aiming for.

I finished the Noro shawl last night. Pictures tomorrow. Time for corn chowder, salad, and a glass of wine.