not so minimal

Aaaaaargh. The Minimalist Cardigan is anything but. Today, I finished the first sleeve. Then discovered that I'd worked the sleeve as a K2P2 moss stitch instead of the K1P1 seed stitch of the body. For now, the sweater's staying in the knitting bag. If I look at it, I'm going to start ripping back wildly, and I don't want to do that rashly.

What I've learned:
  • no more black yarn projects. I'll buy my black sweaters from now on.
  • no more sweaters on needles smaller than size 8, at least until I develop some patience, which will be, oh, maybe never.
  • no more seed stitch for this knitter, because I throw the yarn and it's maddening to be changing direction every stitch. And I've tried to teach myself to knit other ways, but I think it's like baby geese imprinting on the first face they see: once a thrower, always a thrower.
On the glass is half full front, I knit the ribbing for the Snap Cardigan and am feeling no pain in the elbows or fingers. I let myself knit through the third episode of My So-called Life, and part of Boston Legal. Oh knitting, I've missed you.