Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Beauty from Sherry

Thank you, Sherry. It's lovely. Lots of color against a beautiful copper platform. I wonder if it will verdisgris?

My favorite part: the catch. Simple, functional, unassuming, beautiful: like a cross between a hex nut and a piece of jewelry. I may wear the necklace backwards sometimes, so that the catch becomes the front.

The necklace is photographed against Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks, which arrived from inter-library loan today. My husband has already informed me that any of the four, five or six-stitch patterns would be appreciated. And the author gives instructions both for double-pointed and circular needles, so I may be able to face this project without an army of small needles that need to be juggled at the same time.

And I'm blocking the swatch from the Wing of the Moth shawl of hand-dyed Shaefer silk and Misti Alpaca.


Olga said...

I'm glad you got that book, bring it to the beach house with you ,and the necklace too. I wanna borrow that when we go site seeing tomorrow.....

Steph said...

wowwww Sherry was faster than I !
I sent the goodies on thursday so with a little luck you will get the package next week!

JANET said...

yeah! I need to get organized and get something off to you too.