The view from my den window, which made me wish for spring.
The closest I'm coming right now. But my tulips are at a favorite stage. When white tulips begin to wither, they become like other-wordly life forms. And I love the color.
Which made me work on this:
It's preferably a washcloth, or maybe a dishcloth. I had some Sugar and Cream yarn from Hobby Lobby, bought for a Mason-Dixon dishcloth. I've been wanting to knit a washcloth, so that I had something everyday but handmade to use, and the green called louder than the other colors in my stash. Not sure how large this will turn out or where it will go; I'm slowly gathering things to send to friendly bloggers and to my daughters for their belated Valentine's Day presents.

And my swatch for Wing of the Moth shawl. Hmm.
Not as open or lacey as I'd expected it to be. I used a strand of the Shaefer (I'm told it's the same yarn as Zephyr) and a strand of laceweight Misti Alpaca. It's a beautiful but high-maintenance pattern, and my thought was that by using a heavier weight of yarn and a size 6 needle, I'd end up with something smaller than the original pattern as well as a weightier fabric (I like shawls that tell you that you have them wrapped around you). I'm going to make another try, perhaps on Icarus by Miriam Felton.


Stacey said…
Your shawl reminds me of a stingray. :D I never really got bit by the wash cloth bug, but I do love the few I've made. My mom however, is churning them out like a machine.